About us

In 1959 Norman Bennett started growing Water Lillies in the disused clay pits, formerly Chickerell Brickworks. His success with them grew and soon he was exporting them world-wide.

The family continue to grow water plants at the same nursery to this day, now into a third generation, Norman’s grandson James Bennett has overseen plant production for over 20 years.

Our specialisation is water lilies, in 1993 we developed a National Plant Collection® with Plant Heritage (formerly the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens), the largest collection of its kind with over 200 specimens on display. In 2019 we were officially designated as an International Collection of Excellence by the International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society (IWGS).

Our products

Water Lilies, Lotus, Marginal Water Plants, Bog Plants and other aquatics goods are available by mail order through our website and are posted direct to our customers bare-rooted. 

Pre-potted plants can be purchased at Bennetts Water Gardens in Weymouth. 

Bennetts Water Lily & Fish Farm, 1970.