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Pre-order pond plants

The winter is not the time for planting, especially with ponds which will most likely be iced over, but it certainly is the time for planning! We are now accepting pre-orders on pond plants, and you can get 10% off water lilies and lotus on all orders placed by 28th February 2021. Just use the voucher code EARLYBIRD at checkout!

Delivery schedule: we will ship your order in full as soon as all items are ready. This will be from late March at the earliest, with most plants ready in April, we will let you know as soon as possible. Our plants are grown outdoors in our lily ponds, we do not “force” our plants in heated greenhouses so they are fully hardy and ready to be planted out straight away. A few plants such as miniature waterlilies and floating plants tend not to be ready until May and these are not available for pre-order. Feel free to contact us on the status of your order.

Payment: this will be charged in full at the time of placing your order.

Save 10% off water lilies and lotus 
Just use the voucher code EARLYBIRD at checkout!
Valid all orders placed by 28th February 2021.
Waterlily ‘Mayla’

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