Nelumbo ‘Night and Day’


Lotus pond plant tuber

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Nelumbo ‘Night and Day’ is a medium sized lotus with deep pink double flowers with white center. An American hybrid by Perry D. Slocum, 1996.

Tubers can be sent by post around March time only. We also have a limited number of potted plants available for collection only during the summer.

Water depth: 10-30cm (measured from the soil level).

Height: 100-150cm.

Spread: Nelumbo are fast growing plants that will quickly fill the container they are planted in.

Planting time: Plant tubers in the spring before they start producing leaves. For this variety of lotus we would recommend planting your tuber into a small lotus pot. Once the plant has aerial leaves add a fertiliser tablet every two weeks until the end of August.

Flowering time: June to August.

Aspect: Position in a sheltered site in full sun.

Hardiness: This lotus is fully hardy, they require heat in the summer in order to grow a resting tuber large enough to last the winter. In cooler climates they will benefit from growing under cover.

We only sell healthy tubers which should flower the same year as planting. Before posting your plant we wash off any soil and weeds attached to the tuber, ensure there is no damage to emerging leaves, and trim off any old growth.

You can see this plant on display at Bennetts Water Gardens.

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full sun


fully hardy, half-hardy

Flower Colour


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1 bare-root Lotus tuber

Flowering Time

June, July, August


Medium Lotus


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