Nymphaea mexicana


Mexican waterlily, Yellow waterlily, Banana waterlily

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Mexican waterlily

Nymphaea mexicana is a North American species of waterlily native to Southern USA and Mexico.

Unlike other species of waterlily, which have a tuberous rhizome, N. mexicana grows from creeping stolons. These can spread rapidly in the right conditions.

Water depth: 10-45cm (measured from the growing point of the plant)

Spread: Nymphaea mexicana should have an ultimate spread of 60cm (2ft) once established.

Flowering time: June to September.

Planting time: Plant rhizomes should be potted during the growing season only, in the spring and summer. For this variety of waterlily we would recommend planting your water lily rhizome into a 2L fine mesh basket or, if in shallow water, a 2.5L fine mesh basket..

Aspect: Position in full sun, ideally with a minimum of 6 hours of sunshine each day.

Hardiness: Frost hardy but should be protected from cold winters below -5°C (23°F).

We only sell healthy rhizomes with a productive crown. These should flower the same year as planting when following our instructions on caring for your water plants. Before posting your plant we wash off any soil and weeds attached to the rhizome, ensure there is no damage to emerging buds and leaves, and trim off any old growth.

You can see this plant on display within the National Plant Collection® of Waterlilies at Bennetts Water Gardens.

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June, July, August, September

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full sun


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Small Waterlilies

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Bare-root water lily, Bare-root waterlily with 2.5 litre planting kit




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