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Remembering Bill Heritage (1922-2013)

ill Heritage and Norman Bennett

Bill Heritage was involved with water gardening for many years, working at a specialist water garden centre in Enfield. He was an author of many pond and water gardening books and also lectured on the subject.

ill Heritage and Norman Bennett
Bill Heritage and Norman Bennett, during the 1990 symposium of the International Waterlily Society in Orlando, Florida.

Bill joined Stewarts of Ferndown, Dorset, general horticulturists, in 1949, and gradually was able to indulge his love of water gardening. He met Norman Bennett at Weymouth in Dorset who had just given up teaching to do the same; they became friends then, never thought of competing, and remain friends in their retirement. During the intervening years, this duo assisted several of the UK’s most distinguished botanic gardens to sort out the proper identities of waterlilies in their collections. 

by Irene Heritage
Bill Heritage
Bill Heritage, with his wife Irene, visiting the nursery here in 1983.

Ponds and Water Gardens

Many of the plant photographs in this original edition were taken here at our nursery in Weymouth.

A second edition of the book is available here.