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New RHS Award of Garden Merit list for waterlilies

Waterlily 'Weymouth Red'

A new RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM) list for waterlilies was published in 2022 which added 14 new cultivars of Nymphaea to the existing 6 previously awarded back in 1993.

It was an honour for me to be invited to join the RHS Roundtable responsible for selecting not only new cultivars but also reassessing existing AGM’s within the genus. Along with other experts of waterlilies, including horticulturists from Burnby Hall Gardens, Kew Gardens, Oxford Botanic Garden and RHS Garden Wisley, the first stage was to nominate plants to be considered to generate a short list.

The criteria for these AGM recommendations was based solely that the cultivar is; excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions; available on the market; of good constitution; stable in form and colour; and reasonably resistant to pests and diseases.

The final stage of the selection was for the roundtable to get together, see some of the plants on the shortlist and vote for which cultivars should be awarded. I was happy to be able to host this final meeting at Bennetts Water Gardens and to show the Roundtable around the Plant Heritage National Plant Collection® of Nymphaea, a few more cultivars were added to the shortlist during the visit, and then the vote began.

I was ecstatic that Nymphaea ‘Weymouth Red’ was not only added to the shortlist but was also awarded an AGM by the Roundtable (I should be quick to point out that since this cultivar was from my own nursery back in 1991 I was barred from voting for it!). This had previously been awarded Best Small Waterlily by the International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society in 1998.

The full RHS list of top AGM pond-worthy waterlilies;

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Local delivery & pre-potted plants

We now offer doorstep deliveries of our loose pond plants through this website to certain areas of Dorset.

For orders over £50 we can offer free delivery to the following postcode areas; DT1, DT3, DT4 and DT5.

For orders over £75 we can offer free delivery to the following postcode areas; DT2, DT6, DT8 and BH20.

Just add items to your basket as normal then at checkout enter you address and select “Free local delivery” .

Pre-potted Plants

If you prefer to have your plants pre-potted, we can supply these for local delivery only (to the above postcode areas). Please email your requirements and we will check availability, send you a link for pre-payment and arrange a delivery date.

Pre-potted Marginal Plants

1 litre pot £5.79
2 litre pot £8.99
3.5 litre pot £14.99

Pre-potted Waterlilies

2 litre pot £18.99
3.5 litre pot £26.99

Larger specimen plants available on request.

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Water lilies in bud now

Thanks to some good weather this spring many of the plants we are lifting from the ponds are already forming flower buds.

We do not “force” our waterlilies in greenhouses or polytunnels so they are fully hardy and ready to be planted out straight away.

It is recommended to plant water lilies in a fine mesh planting basket, for more information on this see our How to take care of water plants page. They should start growing about two weeks after being planted and then flowers should appear after a couple more weeks.

waterlily flower buds
Waterlily plant with buds forming. April 2020.